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Iva Matasich

International Keynote Speaker | Business Advisor

Over the last 15 years I've been doing my best to be a proactive, innovative and service-oriented business development consultant with extensive business development expertise. I'm endlessly optimistic and my signature strength is in bringing unique perspectives and innovative thought leadership to areas of new management perspectives in organizations. My focus is leadership in strategic planning, business development, product commercialization, markets evaluation, new market expansion, collaboration with business partners, and driving sustainable growth worldwide. I work with some simply amazing people around the world and plan to continue to do so. I have lots of fun helping to design, build and grow organizations and have an honest passion for helping as many people as I can along the way. I'm always happy to connect with like-minded people. My passion is running.


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Successful Stories

Autodesk Inc. engaged Iva as a key note speaker at our European learning partner conference in Prague and were very pleased with the outcomes. Iva presented a full review of current trends in the learning industry with particular insights into blended and online learning delivery. The audience gave her presentation high ratings particularly calling out the useful tips and tricks that they will be able to implement in their business

Tomas Karlsson, Autodesk

I have had the opportunity to work with Iva on several projects, among which the most important one was „Knowledge in focus“ - Podravka's international conference. Iva is a great partner. Her enthusiasm is enormous as well as her initiative spirit. I can say that her highly professional approach to work is outstanding. Iva is a driving force, ready to try new and different ideas, and she delivers results that are always higher than expected. She is not skilled and competent only in the field of e-learning but also in other areas such as business development, innovations, leadership, event management, project management as well as in communication with stakeholders. An excellent team member but also very skilled as an independant leader. Working with Iva is both pleasure and honour!

Snjezana Slabek, Podravka

Iva was panelist at my organization's event: How to start U.S. business?, where she revealed her knowledge on start-ups, business internationalization and entrepreneurial networks in the region. Her public appearance was professional and tailor-made for the public. For me, it is very easy and efficient to work with Iva as she presents professionalism and assertiveness in all projects.

US Embassy, Nina Radicevic

For the last four years, Iva Matasic’s name has appeared – justifiably – on the list of Europe’s Top Ten ‘Movers and Shakers’ in corporate e-learning. A keen champion and conscientious promoter of e-learning in the Balkan region, Iva is a goal-orientated entrepreneur who understands the key issues in vocational learning, learning innovation, data analysis and business intelligence. She is well connected both inside and outside her native Croatia. Recognizing this, in 2015, Iva was invited to become one of the six founders of the international e-learning think tank, The Company of Thought (TCoT). TCoT’s members are drawn from around the globe and are acknowledged as pre-eminent specialists in their fields as they relate to corporate e-learning.

Online Educa Berlin, Bob Little